lunch or brunch

Some lighter fare– breakfast, brunch, lunch and more.

Make your brunch extra special with a breakfast casserole or other tasty dish:  ham and sweet potato hash with greens and scrambled egg, scrambled eggs with herbed croutons, smoked salmon and dilled potato strata, sausage and roasted pepper tortta, creme brulee casserole, monte cristo bake, proscuittio and goat cheese casserole.

or quiche, pies, savory tarts:

ratatouille tart, cheesy ham and mushroom quiche, roasted pepper and chevre tart, asparagus and gruyere  pie, tourtiere (French Canadian pork pie).


Lots of sandwiches, from hearty picnic food to dainty shower and tea party fare:

Hearty: banh mi (Vietnamese), Tuscan tuna and white bean, ham and fresh mozzarella with pesto and citrus tapenade, muffaletta(olive salad, provolone, salami, ham), chicken breast with caramelized onions, watercress, and paprika aioli, prosciutto and brie with rosemary and fig confit, turkey with cranberry and blue cheese, curried chicken salad.

Tea sandwiches: spicy cucumber and chevre, pepper cheese, lemon chicken salad with smoked almonds, beef and olive tapenade,egg salad, smoked salmon with dill and cucumber, goat cheese and watercress, brie, pear, and smoked turkey.

Wraps: hummus and grilled vegetables, Asian chicken with peanut sauce, zucchini and roasted red pepper, buffalo chicken with ranch dressing, veggies with cream cheese.

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