hors d’oeuvres and appetizers

little bites, small plates and tempting starters


old favorites… gorgonzola and chicken stuffed mushrooms, cheese balls, Asian meatballs with ginger sauce and snow peas, baked Brie, onion and bacon rolls.

elegant…sesame crusted salmon squares with miso and orange, smoked chicken in lettuce cups, pinepple marinated salmon with Asian slaw.

tasty little bites or two… peppered frittata bites, mini twice baked potatoes, bruschetta and and crostini, confetti tortilla bites, chevre wrapped grapes, proscuitto wrapped cheese and pear.

skewered…beef, chicken or pork satay with peanut sauce, rosemary and lemon chicken kebabs,  lamb or pork souvlaki,  pork and pineapple skewers, Korean style rib satay, antipasto skewers, B-L-T bites, cheese and olive bites.

vegetables…fresh, steamed, marinated, pickled or stuffed.  i.e.  cheesy stuffed jalapenos, cucumber cups with hummus or cheese, pea pods with crab.

dip it, spread it, slather it…lemon and herb chevre spread, hummus/tzatziki/skordalia trio, roasted pepper dip, citrus-olive tapenade, spicy Cajun dip, salsa.  Paired with crackers, pita, baguette slices, toast, bread sticks and more.

kid friendly…panini bites, macaroni and cheese balls, devilled eggs, mini cheeseburgers, chicken wings, fish and chip bites.



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