room for dessert

Dinner parties, weddings, bridal or baby showers, staff appreciation events, are all wonderfully complete celebrations when rounded out with a decadent treat or two. A special passion at Frills is creating just the right dessert to make your event perfect.

Or, on the other hand, why not have just dessert… a tea party, cupcake party, holiday dessert buffet, Monday morning pick-me-up…


No dessert order is too small at Frills. Talk to us about your upcoming special event and we will help you come up with just the right delicious treats! 




 small bites-– mini cupcakes of all flavors, chocolate covered cheesecake bites, truffles, ginger sandwiches with lime filling, mini mousse cups, toffee bites.                                               

cookie bars, cookies, brownies s’mores bars, lemon bars, cafe au lait bars, espresso fingers, caramel butterscotch bars, pecan pie bars, blondies, almond blondies, macadamia espresso squares, milk chocolate brownies, caramel shortbread, thumbprint cookies, fudge sandwich cookies, coconut lime bars.

 pies and tarts— caramel macadamia tart, praline pie, pecan pie, fruit pies, raspberry jam tart,pear and hazelnut frangipane, turtle tart. 

cakes milk chocolate layer cake, gingerbread cake, marbleized mocha torte, coconut layer cake, chocolate cake with caramel sauce, almond praline cake, lime mousse cake.

muffins, coffee cakes and brunch goodies sour cream walnut coffee cake,tart cherry almond muffins, macadamia nut coffee cake, blueberry muffins.

cheesecake–mascarpone cheesecake, pecan, lemon cream, turtle, caramel, pumpkin, chocolate, whatever you fancy….

and there’s so much more– perhaps bread pudding or trifle? sticky toffee pudding, tiramisu or pear and ginger cobbler? Just let us know!

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