meal service


Maybe you need help with one or two meals per week, or perhaps you dream of having all your weeknight meals covered by someone else…  Or it might be that certain times of the year are extra hectic, and you would like a little extra help with meal time during tax season, at the start of school, or when your knee surgery is scheduled.

Our weekly meal plans will be customized for you and your family, with a meal plan designed to meet your taste, budget and other considerations.  Meals have a minimum of four servings each, and will be packaged in portion sizes to meet your needs.  Prices vary, and start as low as $10.00 per person, with delivery costs where applicable.  Special diets and other requirements can be accommodated.

Gift plans are available!  Here is a thoughtful gift for new parents or a wonderful reassurance that a frail or elderly family member is well nourished.

Whatever your need, we can be your personal chef. Please contact Frills for more information.


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