every day is special

Give us a little advance notice and we can help make your event easier on you or make an ordinary day extra-special.

…for example:

  Manito Park, sunshine, lilacs in bloom, and a picnic basket

 especially prepared for you:

–lemon rosemary chicken skewers

–prosciutto and provolone sandwiches with pesto and olive tapenade

–basil, chevre and tomato tart

–assorted seasonal fruit

–vanilla and raspberry cupcakes

A cupcake party with sweet and savory cupcakes for eating and a variety of cupcakes for decorating:

–BLT cupcakes, macaroni and cheese cupcakes, caprese cupcakes

–chevre and grape lollipops

–skewers of mini cupcakes, marshmallows and fruit

–fruit basket

A casual dinner for a large group (or “oh, no, did I really say I’d host the end of season team party?”)

grilled teriyaki chicken and vegetable skewers,  huli-huli pork,mini cheese burger

–gingeroot rice

–mixed greens salad with almonds, peppers and hoisin-citrus vinaigrette

–coconut cupcakes, mixed berry shortcakes, caramel brownies

An office lunch:

–Mediterranean wraps with grilled vegetables

–California chicken, walnut and cranberry wraps

–quinoa salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, and spinach

-chopped green salad with chive dressing

–individual key lime tarts

A special brunch:

–macadamia nut brown sugar coffee cake, blueberry muffins, orange walnut bread

–smoked salmon, dill and potato casserole

–scrambled eggs with herbed croutons

–Brie and spinach strata

–fruit salad with mint vanilla syrup

–Greek yogurt and home made granola

Approximate price range $10 to $25 per person.  Some minimum order requirements–ask us for details!

creative, custom, personal and affordable too!


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